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  • Whether you’re serving coffee in a specialty coffee shop, a hotel or a restaurant, the A400FM can handle every situation with ease. This compact but premium coffee machine comes with an automatic cleaning system and unique interactive touch screen which is configurable to your needs, making it easy to operate no matter who uses it. And with options like FoamMaster™ allowing you to prepare the perfect hot or cold foam, you can create a wide range of drinks that go above and beyond expectations.   A400 Unit: $9,888.80 SUO5 Fridge: $4,657.60    
  • Be it thirsty customers pouring into a café or hotel guests that prefer making their own coffee, the A600 can handle large groups of customers while producing a wide variety of premium drinks. And with optional features like iQFlow™ and FoamMaster™ – not to mention our easy-to-use interactive touch screen – baristas and customers alike can make any coffee they wish: with a machine that knows how to get the most out of its coffee beans. In addition, the A600’s fully automatic cleaning system means you can be sure the strictest hygiene standards are always met – giving you more time to focus on providing the best customer service possible.   A600 Unit: $12,628.80 | SU05 Fridge: $4657.60 |
  • Hundreds of different coffee orders, each and everyone made to the same high standard are easy with the A800 Fresh Brew. The A800 Fresh Brew, bean-to-cup solution was designed to produce every cup of coffee brewed to order, meaning better taste, and less waste. With the ability to use up to 3 different bean types and choose hot or iced, everyone gets the coffee they enjoy most.
  • You no longer need to choose! The A1000 FLEX combines the best of both worlds with espresso-based beverages and freshly-brewed coffee in one machine. With integrated features such as the FoamMaster™ milk system for perfectly foamed or steamed milk and our patented iQFlow™ technology that delivers superior coffee extraction, creating the perfect beverage is at your fingertips. The flavor station has6 different flavors to customize your drink. The 10.4” intuitive and configurable touch screen with video makes the A1000 FLEX a state-of-the-art coffee machine that can always be relied on. Easy to maintain with the CleanMaster™ automatic milk cleaning system. Simply follow the prompts on the display to activate the cleaning process.   A1000 Flex Unit: $17,907.20 | SU12 CM Fridge: $5,624.80 |
  • The A1000 can deliver a large variety of espresso beverages and with integrated features like the FoamMaster™ and iQFlow™, the options are endless. And with the optional Flavor Station, you have six flavors to choose from. The 10.4” intuitive and configurable touch screen also guarantees full flexibility, making the A1000 a state-of-the-art coffee machine that can always be relied on, no matter how many coffees you deliver in a day. On the operational side of things, the integrated and fully automatic CleanMaster™ means your machine is guaranteed to meet the strictest hygiene standards, while our outstanding design allows the A1000 to blend perfectly with your surroundings or act as an inviting focal point.   A1000 Unit: $17,056 | SU12 CM Fridge: $5,624.80 |
  • The A400 Fresh Brew system allows for consistent, bean-to-cup, hot coffee every time. This machine has a small footprint that is perfect where space is limited like convenience stores, office locations and hotels. The fully automatic machine allows customers to easily choose up to four sizes of hot, fresh coffee in three quick steps with Advanced User Interface.
  • You want to create memorable and individualized experiences for your customers while providing the highest in-cup-quality? The S700 is the answer. It merges the convenience and intelligence of a fully automatic machine with the passion and creativity of a two-step machine. With its groundbreaking iQFlow™ technology and three-boiler system to meet all your steam and foam requirements, our S700 is here to help baristas unleash their full creative potential. So if you’re looking for the best mix of human creativity, coffee competence, passion and advanced coffee machine technology, turn to the S700.
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