You no longer need to choose! The A1000 FLEX combines the best of both worlds with espresso-based beverages and freshly-brewed coffee in one machine. With integrated features such as the FoamMaster™ milk system for perfectly foamed or steamed milk and our patented iQFlow™ technology that delivers superior coffee extraction, creating the perfect beverage is at your fingertips. The flavor station has6 different flavors to customize your drink. The 10.4” intuitive and configurable touch screen with video makes the A1000 FLEX a state-of-the-art coffee machine that can always be relied on. Easy to maintain with the CleanMaster™ automatic milk cleaning system. Simply follow the prompts on the display to activate the cleaning process.


A1000 Flex Unit: $17,907.20 |

SU12 CM Fridge: $5,624.80 |

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